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Our Creative Team

Pete Schuermann (Director/DP)


Pete Schuermann was born on Long Island and is currently a resident of Monument, Colorado. His experience in the visual field includes on the job training in almost every aspect of visual production, including but not limited to: photography, lighting, editing, directing, scripting, graphics and his most favorite directing.
Pete maintains an eye for what he calls “a cinematic style of storytelling”, which he feels adds a special dynamic and compelling approach to any visual project. Numerous advertising, production and corporate entities have tapped him for creative vision on many projects, both long format and short.

Pete began his career after college when he co-driected his first film, Hick Trek (a Star Trek Parody). Which went on to receive national home video distribution through UAV and Allumination Filmworks. After Hick Trek he went on to create Moses 2000, Jimmy Hits the Big Town, and Star Warp’d all of which received home video distribution.
In 2005 Pete was approached by Disney to Direct and edit Disneyland: Then, Now, and Forever; a retrospective piece celebrating Disneyland’s 50th anniversary.

Aaron De Pry (Director of Photography)

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Aaron has been working in high-end production for the past five years. He has worked with a variety of clients (UCCS, University of Colorado Boulder,  Western Union,  PPCC, and Cripple Creek) and celebrities (The Shins, Tony Todd, and Tommy Hinkley). As a cinematographer Aaron draws inspiration from the works of Roger Deakins (Skyfall, No Country for Old Men) and Matthew Libatique (Requiem for a Dream, Iron Man). His most recent works include Creep! (Producer), The PPCC Theatrical Commercials (Camera Op),  Hard Costs (Director of Photography) and The Hit (Director of Photography).

Currently Aaron also works as an instructor in the Visual and Performing Arts Department at The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. As an instructor he teaches his students the fundamentals of lighting and composition as well as the art of short form story telling.