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American Airlines

A fun piece done for their cargo division, despite blazing location heat and the pressure of holding up a 777 to get the shots.  This piece really shows where a little bit of cinema can go a long way in telling an attention getting story.

Wickenburg Hospital

We had the chance to incorporate some great movie-like images into the classy fundraiser for the Wickenburg Arizona Community Hospital.


This is a feature documentary that essentially put Pete Schuermann on the proverbial movie map. A huge success for producers Michael and Leslie Lanahan, HAZE is considered by many to be the definitive film on the subject of alcohol abuse amongst college campuses in the US. Robin Wright-Penn is featured.


The latest feature film project from writer/director Pete Schuermann. A rather twisted true tale about ultra-low budget filmmaking in the 1960s, and the psychotic director that connived his way into the Hollywood monster movie scene. WARNING: strong language and images.

Exibition Match

Concept is king here, though great on-camera talent and nice angles help sell the idea to sell these custom tennis bags.


An important cause and an example of how emotions as a story lead can work well to drive the audience.  Also a prime example of how to use a small budget to great effect.


Pete Schuermann served as co-director and editor on this “docu-tainment” program made for Disney Home Video.

Cripple Creek- “High Stakes”

A little bit of influence of the James Bond films permeates this spot for Triple Crown Casinos.

Acid Trip